TWICE “Feel Special” M/V interpretations


Sana TWICE Feel Special fan art by @MORENOartwork
Sana TWICE Feel Special fan art by @MORENOartwork

Artist interpretations of “Feel Special” music video by TWICE: I like to believe that one of it’s messages is that “everyday things” make you feel special; Doll house (any type of collection that you cherish) TVs (any form of entertainment, YouTube, Netflix, etc) Friends laughing (your crew, also your family) the umbrella (that special someone that changes your life, best friend or significant other.) Chaeyoung and Mina is a tough one but I see it as possibly future and past (technology and nature) you feel motivated to think about the future (or perhaps being more eco friendly, respectful of the past) In other words, you feel special when you find that balance.

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